In our restaurant, we offer a Social Dining concept with share food and small dishes.

This gives you the opportunity to try several different things, and if you can not decide, we also offer a 6 or 10 serving menu, where we make the choice for you.

We hope you will enjoy your meal in our restaurant.

Best Regards
Winnie & Erik Jørgensen

Chef’s Selection

Chef’s selection of servings – when you wan’t to try a little extra

6 servings

DKK 360

10 servings

DKK 450

Wine Menu

DKK 300


Grissini with cold terragon mayo, beer sausages and salted almonds

DKK 45


Lumpfish roe on spinach waffle

DKK 65

Fried scampi on sautéed onions, pepper, and spinach

DKK 75

Scallops and pure

DKK 90

Cold dishes

Smoked chicken with parsley oil

DKK 65

Duck liver and plums with hummus

DKK 65

Smoked pork tenderloin with egg, crispy onion rings and cottage cheese cream

DKK 70

Bresaola with parmesan chips and mayo made on sun-dried tomatoes

DKK 85

Stirred tartare with Jerusalem artichoke chips

DKK 90

The vegetarian

Breaded risotto balls with basil mayo

DKK 70

Flammkuchen with Cheese

DKK 45

Egg stand with crispy onion rings and cottage cheese cream

DKK 45


Braised pig cheek on mash

DKK 100

Small Italian meatballs with tomato sauce

DKK 85

Spareribs with coleslaw

DKK 105

Beef on puree with glace – 130g / 190g

DKK 125 / 165


Spicy potato soufflé in puff pastry

DKK 50

Potato salad

DKK 45

Tomato salad with a variety of tomatoes, cheese, and crispy ham

DKK 65

Salad of cabbage with apples

DKK 45

Variety of cauliflower with browned butter

DKK 55


3 kinds of cheese with balsamic-roasted nuts and homemade crispbread

DKK 85


Consommé of rhubarb with cream fraiche ice cream

DKK 70

Strawberry, meringue, and vanilla

DKK 75

Toblerone Cheesecake

DKK 70

The classics – If you do not want to share

“Stjerneskud” with steamed and fried fish fillets, salmon, and shrimps

DKK 160

Beef Sauté Dijon with peas, bacon and french fries

DKK 170

Schnitzel Vienna Style with fried potatoes

DKK 180