In our restaurant, we offer a Social Dining concept with share food and small dishes.

This gives you the opportunity to try several different things, and if you can not decide, we also offer a 6 or 10 serving menu, where we make the choice for you.

We hope you will enjoy your meal in our restaurant.

Best Regards
Winnie & Erik Jørgensen

Chef’s Selection

Chef’s selection of servings – when you wan’t to try a little extra

6 servings

DKK 375,-

10 servings

DKK 495,-

Wine Menu – 6 servings/10 servings

DKK 295,-/375,-


Grissini with cold relish, beer sausages and salted almonds (G+L)

DKK 50,-


Fried scampi on sautéed cabbage with a white wine foam (G)

DKK 75,-

Cold smoked salmon with chive crème and green tomatoes (G)

DKK 90,-

Smoked halibut on crisp rye bread with mustard creme

DKK 80,-

Cold dishes and soup

Chicken soufflé with parsley oil (G)

DKK 70,-

Cauliflower soup with crisps (G+V)

DKK 55,-

Smoked pork tenderloin with scrambled egg and crispy onion rings

DKK 70,-

Bresaola with parmesan chips and mayo made on sun-dried tomatoes (G)

DKK 85,-

Carpaccio with parmesan and pine nuts (G)

DKK 90,-

The vegetarian

Vegetarian steak on mash (G + V + L)

DKK 95,-

Vegetable muffin (V)

DKK 45,-

Vegetarian meatballs with edamame (V)

DKK 75,-

Meat & Poultry

Braised pig cheek on mash (G)

DKK 100,-

Italian pork tenderloin with serrano (G+L)

DKK 95,-

Panko breaded chicken rillette with truffle mayo

DKK 95,-

Fillet of beef with mustard creme 130 g/190 g (G)

DKK 135,- / 165,-


Spicy potato soufflé in puff pastry (V)

DKK 50,-

Herb potatoes (G + l + V) 

DKK 50,-

Large French Fries with herb salt (L)     

DKK 50,-

Cabbage salad with apples and nuts (G + V)

DKK 50,-

Tomato salad with 3 kind of tomato, Vesterhavs cheese and crisp ham

DKK 50,-

Grand Mothers salad with a twist (G)

DKK 50,-

Cheese & Sweets

3 kinds of cheese with balsamic-roasted nuts and homemade crispbread

DKK 85,-

Double layered chocolate with ice cream

DKK 85,-

Cheesecake with Toblerone

DKK 85,-

Sweet pickled plums with vanilla ice cream

DKK 75,-

Pear pie with sweetened Crème Fraiche

DKK 85,-

Homemade ice cream with Twix

DKK 85,-

The classics – If you do not want to share

“Stjerneskud” with steamed and fried fish fillets, salmon, and shrimps

DKK 160,-

Beef Sauté Dijon with peas, bacon and french fries

DKK 170,-

Schnitzel Vienna Style with fried potatoes (L)

DKK 180,-

(G) Gluten-free – (L) – Lactose-free – (V) Vegetarian