In our restaurant, we wish to accommodate all requests from our guests.
We offer our two-five course menu changing after season and different traditional Danish dishes.
Also we have a large selection of both Danish and foreign beers and a variety of wines.
We hope you will enjoy your meal in our restaurant.

Best Regards
Winnie & Erik Jørgensen

Dear Guest

We are currently running a limited menu card.
Please contact us for further information.


Shrimp salad with spring vegetables and avocado

DKK 88,-

Trilogy of Salmon

DKK 88,-

Carpaccio of Beef with Tomato Salad

DKK 94,-

Tapas plate

With garlic marinated shrimp, chorizo and serrano

DKK 88,-

Main courses – The Classics

Filled plaice with shrimps and asparagus

Served with potatoes and lobster sauce
Preparation time 25 minutes

DKK 178,-

Tenderloin sauté Dijon

With peas and mushrooms served with French Fries

DKK 168,-

Breaded fried pork with parsley sauce

Served with beetroot and white potatoes

DKK 138,-

Schnitzel Vienna Style with peas

Served with pommes sautés and butter sauce

DKK 178,-

Steak of minced beef with butterfried onions

Served with potatoes and cucumber salad

Preparation time 25 minutes

DKK 148,-

Other Main Courses

Lemon baked codfish

With parsley potatoes and dill butter

DKK 168,-

Filled Chicken breast pommes rösti and whisky sauce

DKK 148,-


Fillet of Beef 200 g

DKK 208,-

Fillet of Beef 300 g

DKK 248,-

Beef Tenderloin 200 g

DKK 248,-

Beef Tenderloin 300 g

DKK 288,-

American Ribeye 300 g

DKK 298,-

Please choose between Pepper sauce and sauce béarnaise and between Pommes soufflé, French fries or pommes rösti
Main courses above are served with garnish of the day


Chocolate cake with a bleeding heart

DKK 78,-

Organic Cheese Plate

DKK 78,-

Daim Icecream cake

DKK 68,-

Crème Brûlée

DKK 78,-

Icecream cocktail

DKK 58,-

Dessert platter

DKK 88,-

Childrens menu

Spaghetti Bolognese

DKK 75,-

Curry and meatballs with rice

DKK 75,-

Childrens plate with 5 elements

Small DKK 75,-

Childrens menu – Desserts

2 scoops of vanilla ice cream with chocolate sauce

DKK 40,-

2 scoops of different kinds of ice cream with chocolate sauce

DKK 35,-

1 pancake with ice cream

DKK 40,-